People create culture, and culture touches hearts.

People create culture, and culture touches hearts.
The person who was excellent in the picture information field is raised, the talent which bears new culture is tied to society, and it contributes to turning and sending culture and industry of Japan to the world.
Fostering Outstanding Talent.
A social request and a role of promotion which circulates educational practice are played, and training of those who are needed truly corresponding to change of a time is tackled with might and main.
Fostering a New Culture.
A role of promotion which finds out the new talent and it ties to society is played, and support of communication activities or creative activity is tackled with might and main.


Since its establishment in 1991, The Computer Graphic Arts Society (CG-ARTS), a Japanese public interest incorporated foundation has played a role in human resource development and cultural promotion for the image information field using computers, and has been committed to the advancement of these areas.

Now more than 28 years after its establishment, many who have studied under the curriculum, or who have won awards in the contest of the CG-ARTS are at the forefront of the academic, art and industry sectors. The use of image information has spread into a variety of industries, and has become indispensable in the daily lives of people.

The CG-ARTS is engaged in a variety of activities that support the birth and growth of the attractive culture and industries of Japan related to image information.

One of the main pillars of these activities is “Human Resource Development”. In an increasingly changing era, the enhancement of this foundation is essential. For the purpose of strengthening the basic abilities of people involved in the image information field, we conduct educational promotion activities including the creation of education curriculums, the development of teaching materials, the training of teachers and instructors, and the implementation of certification tests. By doing so, we are nurturing personnel with systematic knowledge and skills. In addition, we provide a platform to learn the latest technology and expressions and also a place for academic-industrial exchanges, thereby connecting excellent personnel into society.

Our another pillar is “Cultural Promotion”. We have been holding the Student CG Contest (now the Campus Genius Contest) since 1995 in order to evaluate the cultural value of various works created with the evolution of technology. We have also been involved in the “Japan Media Arts Festival” organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan since its establishment. While taking advantage of the valuable know-how and network that we have accumulated over the years, we are not afraid to make ceaseless innovations, with our goal of seeing more fascinating culture created in Japan.

The role of image information is increasing in a variety of fields, and the importance of human resource development and cultural promotion has been rising. The CG-ARTS will maintain the governance structure that is required as a public interest corporation, and will move forward with the activities of our two main pillars, therefore contributing to society.

Computer Graphic Arts Society

minoru mizoguchi