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Fostering Outstanding Talent

Our educational promotion activities, which includes the creation of educational curriculums, the development and publishing of teaching materials, training of teachers and instructors, holding seminars and Certification Test, and research studies. When implementing these activities, we believe the circulation of the demands of society and educational practice is important in fostering talent, and for that reason we are quick to incorporate the changing trends of the times to develop people that are truly needed.

Certification Tests

In order to develop people with practical skills required in the real world, Certification Tests are conducted as learning goals. Certification Tests are divided into five categories such as creators and engineers, depending on the profession that is sought after. In about 30 years, about 800,000 people have taken these tests and about 350,000 have passed. 900 organizations have taken the tests. In order to encourage learning and educational activities, individuals and groups that have achieved excellent results are presented with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and the CG-ARTS Award.

CG Creator Certification Test
Certification test for designers and creators who express themselves using CG.
Fields of application : Movies, animation, CM, games, music videos, and applications, etc.

CG Engineer Certification Test
Certification test for engineers and programmers involved in development and design in the CG field.
Fields of application : Animation, movies, games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and applications, etc.

Image Processing Engineer Certification Test
Certification test for engineers and programmers involved in development and design in the image processing field.
Fields of application : Video telecommunication, computer peripherals, robot vision, product inspection, medical applications, and printing, etc.

Web Designer Certification Test
Certification test for those involved in web production from concept to management.
Fields of application : Web production, web management, and Information Architecture, etc.

Multimedia Certification Test
Certification test to evaluate ICT knowledge used in business.
Fields of application : ICT, content production, and overall business, etc.


Support for Teachers and Instructors and the "Accredited Educational Institutions" System

The CG-ARTS conducts workshops and seminars for teachers and instructors. These teach the maintenance of teaching materials for teachers and instructors that corresponds with textbooks, and instruction methods of new educational content. We also support educational activities of “accredited educational institutions” which implement the curriculum of the CG-ARTS, as well as provide information to all learners, so they can learn with confidence at these educational institutions. In April 2019, about 180 educational institutions were accredited.


Educational Promotion Activities

The CG-ARTS is engaged in a variety of activities to promote industry-academia collaboration with human resource development partner-companies and educational institutions that concur with our human resource development activities. We are working to promote education of the image information field through a variety of activities including the hosting the industry-academia exchange meeting, the implementation of special lectures for students by active creators and engineers with the purpose of increasing students’ desire to learn, the support of company visits by students, and facilitating the participation and collaboration of companies into academic conferences. In addition, on our website we regularly release “CG-ARTS Education Reports”, which includes among others topics such as current affairs and the type of human resource that is sought within the industry sector, the forefront of education, and messages from those already in the workforce.



For people who aim to be creators or engineers in the field of image information, we have developed an educational curriculum that allows them to learn about this area systematically from the basics. Also, the 20 types of books we have published based on our curriculum, including textbooks, hands-on books, and workbooks for Certification Test are currently used in numerous educational institutions including high schools, vocational technical schools, and universities.