By e-mail news, I guide the activity report of certification examination information or an association, internal and external contest event information, etc.
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  • Principles
  • human Resource Development
  • Transmission of Culture

People create culture, and culture touches hearts.
The person who was excellent in the picture information field is raised, the talent which bears new culture is tied to society, and it contributes to turning and sending culture and industry of Japan to the world.

Fostering Outstanding Talent.

A social request and a role of promotion which circulates educational practice are played, and training of those who are needed truly corresponding to change of a time is tackled with might and main.

Fostering a New Culture.
A role of promotion which finds out the new talent and it ties to society is played, and support of communication activities or creative activity is tackled with might and main.


Association guidance in the 2012 fiscal year
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Change business plan document in the 2012 fiscal year in Japanese
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Change cash budget document in the 2012 fiscal year in Japanese
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The business report in the 2011 fiscal year in Japanese
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Financial statements in the 2011 fiscal year, etc. in Japanese
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Articles of association in Japanese
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The regulation about expenses of an officer and a councillor, such as remuneration in Japanese
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